Monday, February 21, 2011

Some recent products

Okay, here we have heart-shaped lemon cupcakes.  Well, the ones that worked.  I struggled to remove most of them successfully from the silicon tray - better luck next time!   Then the most recent birthday cake, made by our fair hands.  Yes, it's a bit garish but equally - the recipient loved it!!  As did her friends and family.  The interior is pink and filled with pink icing and red jam, so tasty too.  And the cupcakes were Raspberry ones, simply so that I could try out the latest addition to our arsenal, purple food colouring.  I only used a smidgen, but had wanted a paler lilac, so will try a bit less next time.  All in all, tasty but not perfect-to-look-at.  As I said in our profile information, we're not fabulous but we are practicing!