Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cupcakes & an Easter pudding

vanilla cupcakes with pale yellow buttercream
the same cupcakes with snow-white icing from the USA

Hot Cross bread and butter pudding
Here are the latest delicacies from our kitchen - delicious vanilla cupcakes in a midi-size.  This way they're not so big that you can't have a couple, and not too small so that the kids won't eat too many  ☺.  Although it didn't stop the mini-Becca's having more than one at once.  I think it's the variety of the toppings that tantalises them - first they chose a multi-coloured balls on white one, then one chose a pink sparkly one, another a black/white one.  The yellow iced ones were taken to my final meeting for the FPA-run Speakeasy course I've been attending for the last couple of months, really interesting and well-worth the time.  The other mums in the group were well-impressed (with taste and visuals), and the remainder went to the nursery teachers to say thanks for looking after mini-Becca #2 so I could attend.  Hope they liked them too!
The other item I tried was meant to be ready as an after-school snack, and as such it was a tad too warm for the mini's.  We all thought it was okay, not fab (so I won't be doing it again either) but nonetheless it was all gobbled up quite quickly.  Therefore, it's salad for dinner for me...