Wednesday, March 02, 2011

School Fundraiser

dozens of purple-coloured flower-shaped vanilla cookies

vanilla mid-sized cupcakes with coloured buttercream icing and various toppings
Well, the school fundraiser went really well for me - my cupcakes had nearly sold out by the time the event started!  Woo hoo.  Admittedly, being a school event they were hideously underpriced, but I still take it as a success and am well chuffed.  The biscuits didn't sell so well, but once tasted were appreciated.  There's leftover yellow icing, so it's in the freezer.  Still in the piping bag with the nozzle in situ - buttercream icing freezes and defrosts really well.  Because I made so many more cupcakes than usual, we had the chance to use nearly my entire array of sprinkles, sparkles and toppings and had lots of fun.  Then later on one of my neighbours came by to ask my advice on something baking-related and I showed her what I had recently bought and she's going shopping and will choose other items.  Yey, we get to do swaps!
Am not sure I'll go to the Business Gateway meeting tomorrow, as mini-me#2 was rather ill tonight.  Will see how she is in the morning...