Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Jaffa cupcakes

I fancied trying something new and turned the page of one of my recipe books to find their Chocolate Cupcake recipe.  It was an unusual way of doing things, but basically chocolate (not cocoa) flour and sugar.  The end result (I only tasted one so far) was pretty darn good.  This was also their Orange Cream Cheese icing - again, basically a buttercream icing with cream cheese and zested orange peel.  We bought ourselves some new food colour yesterday, plus some more fun sprinkles, hence the need for orange zest.  The icing is delicious and smooth, can't wait to taste the whole thing together.  I feel I've been most restrained...

We just bought a new camera, and as it's all new and modern it can take better close-up photos.  Thus my experimentation with different zoom options and staging of the food.  What do you think?