Monday, May 16, 2011

Cinnamon blueberry biscuits with Ava

After playing in the backyard/doing housework, we decided to make another recipe using Flora Cuisine liquid butter.  This time the recipe was (from a supermarket magazine again) for Cinnamon raisin biscuits.  I don't like raisins, but love dried blueberries so we used them instead.  I got all the ingredients and equipment ready, then the girls climbed onto a chair to watch me add the dry then wet ingredients into the bowl.  Then over to the kitchen table for some enthusiastic 3 and 4 year old mixing with a wooden spoon.  The girls are neighbours and nursery classmates, and shared the tasks really well.  Here we see Ava spooning the mix onto the baking tray to make 12 biscuits.  A mere 9 minutes in the oven later and we have, ta da!!
Great smelling (biscuits and kitchen), slightly healthier than average and great tasting mini biscuits.  A great way to spend a morning, and a perfect afternoon tea snack.  Well done girls.