Monday, August 08, 2011

Becca's Daddy's favourite Hazelnut Cake

My parent's nipped over to Poland for a family wedding (as you do, obviously) and for their return we decided to try out my Dad's favourite cake - according to my mum.  I'd bought the ingredients back when she'd emailed the recipe, so went to get everything out and ready.  Only to discover that I must have read things wrong, as I had chopped, not ground, hazelnuts.  Phew, lucky we have a mortar & pestle.  And that I don't have a problem with my wrists...
Then it was a case of separating the eggs (they look pretty luscious, don't they?)
And beating up the egg whites with sugar.  I was quite scared about this part of the recipe, as the only time I'd ever tried to make meringues in the past, it had been an abysmal failure.  But luckily, this time it seemed to work really well.
To finish, it was a case of folding the egg white into the dry mixture then adding the wet and beating again.  An hour or so later, plus a bit of choclate icing because the middle had sunk et voila!
Although it doesn't look terribly tidy, he said it tasted great, just like Mum makes.  :)  And it lasted well too, a good few days.  Nice one Team.