Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cake Pops

I read Bakerella's blog about her wonderful life with Cake Pops.  And my good friend PM makes them well, and her hubby even brought her back some Candy Melts from his business trip to Canada.  Then we found a shop or two here in Dundee that sells them, ah well. 
I wanted to try them out, they look such fun, so I followed PM's directions and got down to business. I made the balls by rolling day-old cake with buttercream icing, then melting a few discs in order that the sticks should stick in the cake balls, thus.
They had to chill in the fridge for a while, which gave me time to melt the rest of the discs I had been given by PM.  However, I found it really hard to get a decent consistency for dipping - it just didn't seem runny enough.  Despite a mercy call to PM, I was none the wiser about what I had possibly done wrong, so added a few drops of vegetable oil to thin it out.  The richness of colour was stunning so I went for it, and this was the outcome...
Not a fancy shot, but they were fun to make.  You can see that they are no longer round and I think that's down to my poor melting and dipping technique, but they're good for a first attempt, right?  My good friend JW is a dab hand with a camera (see her blog at Aspire2be creative) and took the following photos for me.