Friday, November 18, 2011

Chocolate Fudge

Mr Becca likes fudge, and I'd found what seemed like an easy recipe by Lorraine Pascale when checking for recipes after watching an episode of her latest series.  We checked, bought some evaporated milk, then got down to business after the school run (walk).  We had a friend-of-Mini-2 coming to play about 10am so only had a wee while...
After melting the starter ingredients, we added in marshmallows and melted them through.  Mini-2 was really keen to help so I carefully let her mix the marshmallows in.  The pan was hot, the mix was hot and of course, the stove was hot, so she was very highly supervised at this point. 
I didn't have quite enough time to finely chop all the required chocolate so we broke it down then put it all into the hot mix to melt.  Not a problem as it happened, it melted easily.  Then it all set quite quickly as it was poured into the tray - I didn't expect that or I would have tried to make it flatter somehow.
The recipe recommended cutting it into 25 squares but they seemed a bit big to me, so I got 36 out of it instead.  We had some after lunch, then I took some to a couple of nursery parents.  Mr Becca and Mini-1 tried it when they got home and pronounced it good but sweet.  Mr Becca then decided that he preferred plain fudge, thanks.
I took the remainder in to Toddlers this morning and it was all gone in minutes - that's more like it!!  Glad you enjoyed it ladies ;)