Thursday, January 05, 2012

Aspire2be creative photography, birthday cake pops and us

Our good friend Jill is a photographer over at Aspire 2 be creative (and on Facebook too) who loves to take photos, including of us and our food.  And we love her photos!!  We popped by after school today, to take her and her son some treats from yesterday. 
I had made cake pops yesterday but ran out of melted orange before I ran out of prepared cake pops.  Here are the prepared pops, cooling in the freezer while I melted the candy...
And here's the candy before I melted it..
You use a little of the melted chocolate to stick the sticks into the cake balls, hence the dot of orange on them all. 
This morning, Mini-2 and I finished off the remainder.  We had some green melts, donated by our friend Paula, left over from the last time and they should have been enough to do the job.  But no matter how long we tried, or how much vegetable oil we added, we just couldn't get the consistency correct.  So, Mini-2 ate some of that mix while I moved on to another colour, sunshine yellow.  These ones were by Wilton and melted much more easily.  On the back  of the pack it suggested adding a touch of vegetable shortening (rather than oil) to get a runnier mix, et voila!  It worked a treat - hooray.
And so to decorate...
Mini-2 wanted to do one by herself, but found it tricky to hold the bowl and turn the pop around.  She preferred the next step, adding the sprinkles, instead.
And so we had this as the result...

And again, photographed by Aspire2be creative
7th birthday cake pops
 Cake pops, up close and personal
 The interior of the 7 cake (actually, this was all that was left 24 hours later)
Our lovely sous-chefs.