Thursday, February 23, 2012

Caramel chocolate fudge cake, but cute

I still had some of that tin of Ducle de Leche left over, and it seemed to still taste amazing, so I thought I'd use my new-ish 6" pan and bake me a cake!  Also, we had plans to visit A on Friday morning, and when I had asked if I could bring anything to lunch, she had replied, oh only if you're baking.  Ha ha.  I had really enjoyed the Caramel chocolate fudge one with the caramel choc ganache icing, but figured I'd only need half the recipe for the smaller tin.  That dropped it down to 1 egg from two, so made everything else easier too.  The only problem was, because I didn't have a full tin of caramel, I winged it with the amounts and got a little over-excited when adding to the cake batter.  Suffice it to say, the cake was only just cooked after nearly the full time, and ended up sinking whilst cooling.  (I didn't take a photo at this point, as I was rather embarrassed). 
But I figured I could just hide it with the ganache...  What do you think - can you see the hole??  Under all that delicious, gooey, swirly caramel choc topping with the edible pink glitter?  No?  Great! 
And all that extra caramel in the batter?  Wow, the cake was super-moist and delicious!  And because it was only 6" it was all gone quite quickly.  I posted a pic on our Facebook page and it garnered a lot of pleasing comments, so I took some slices for samples to friends.  Aren't I the best?  ha ha