Monday, February 27, 2012

Teamwork is a lovely thing

My friend C, whom I don't see often now as our Mini-1's are in schools at the complete opposite ends of the city, got in touch last week to ask if I could make her this cake for yesterday
I didn't think there would be enough time to do a good job, as I had the pink sparkly cake already planned out and not enough ingredients in the house for the Horse one.  So I politely declined, and she then asked if I had relevant sized and shaped cake tins she could borrow...  Sure thing, said I, and delivered them to her on Friday morning (as she happened to be working near our house that day, and we were going out anyway).  So out of these tins, and a round one of her own...
She baked 4 cakes to get the proportions and solidity correct for carving, then added Betty Crocker's buttercream underneath lilac marbled fondant, licorice laces, fruit winders, licorice allsorts and wafer daisies to create this fantastic cake for her 7 year old horse-mad Mini-1. 
Isn't it wonderful??!!  So impressed with her dedication, and love for her daughter.  Awww...  Then, when she returned the tins to me this morning, she brought me pink tulips, wow - Thanks C!!