Sunday, June 17, 2012

Liquid chocolate from Naples is hard to find outside Naples...

I was in Naples in the 90's whilst backpacking with a friend, and we stopped for a pizza and hot chocolate at a nothing-special restaurant behind the main train station.  The pizza was pretty good, but it's the hot chocolate that I've never forgotten.  It was like molten lava, but made of chocolate.  Thick, luscious and totally divine!
For the intervening decade(s) I've tried to find that taste again, as I've not yet returned to Naples to find that restaurant, ha ha.  I've been to Italy a few times, and not found it  :(
Then we ate lunch in a Carluccio's restaurant, the time before last that we were in London.  Oh my gosh - I found it!!  Their cioccolata fiorentina is the bomb.  They describe it as 'thick Florentine style drinking chocolate served in an espresso cup' and that is it!  But it's so small...  So I bought a tin of it to take home.
I followed the instructions and can assure you that this gelatinous gloop is Not how it's supposed to look, or taste.We ate it, rather than drank it, but I think from now on it shall be one of those things that I am happy to pay someone else to do for me ;)