Saturday, September 29, 2012

Even 70 year olds need cake

The brief was that her dad was turning 70, but they were only having a small family party, so didn't need a huge amount of food.  She wanted a cake, but didn't really know quite what she wanted.  We narrowed it down to vanilla sponge, raspberry jam and vanilla icing - a great start.  Then we fixed on colours - blue, white and silver were quite manly we felt.
Then I had the inspired idea of doing a burst cake, like I learnt at Cake School back in June (I haven't written about that, yet) and she loved that idea.  And a little 6" cutie would give them just the right amount of cake and the grandkids would love having a cake on grandpa's birthday.  The cake is filled and iced in blue buttercream, with sugarpaste covering.  So, what do you think?