Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Becca Bakes goes international, again

Oooh, another international order to be delivered locally - lucky us!  This time it was for the wedding anniversary of a man who liked fruity cupcakes.  We agreed on raspberries and cream (it was short notice and I had some raspberries in the house), and I got to work.  I had once not floured my fruit before adding it, and it had sunk to the bottom when baked, and once floured it and it hadn't sunk.  But this time I was only adding one or two raspberries so I thought it'd be ok... 
 I mean, they look as though they'd bake up just like that, don't they?
And once baked, they still looked as though the raspberry had stayed in the middle at the top of each cupcake.
So I decorated them in a 'manly' fashion, whilst still incorporating the wife's requests.  Despite being their actually anniversary date, 7-11 is a secret code in this relationship.
There were a couple spare (which pleased Mini-1 and 2 no end!) and sadly the raspberries had sunk to the bottom.  But hey ho, they tasted great - tart sponge from the raspberries and sweet smooth creamy vanilla on top, yummy.  Oh, and Happy Anniversary guys!