Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cookie decorating, at a birthday party? What fun

Although I was fairly sure that the girls invited to Mini-2's birthday party would be alright if left to their own devices to play, I wanted to have a few activities up my sleeve, just in case they needed distraction or entertainment.  I bought a pin-the-wart-on-the-Gruffalo game, wrapped up a pass-the-parcel game (admittedly in the last hour before the party, not my best  plan) and was ready with prizes for musical bumps and the like.  I wanted to try out the edible marker pens again, so this time made the girls cookies and sugarpaste-covered them in plenty of time, so that it would harden and be a smoother surface on which to draw.
These were the edible ones, not for the kids to decorate.  You'll see I used the Muppet and Sesame Street rice paper toppers I had previously bought to match the napkins (see post about the petal cake for clarification).  Well, it'd be a shame to waste them...
A plate-ful of naked hearts and cupcakes, all ready to be decorated.  And below, on the art mat with the pens, ready for the crafty part of the party.
Why is it that children feel the need to name everything?  I suppose it's because it's one of the first words they are keen to master when it comes to learning to write...
 This child is a little bit older, so is trying to do an actual picture on her cupcake
Mini-1 wanted to make her cupcake look like an actual cupcake.  She's coloured the 'case' pink and is putting coloured line sprinkles on the top.  If you squint, you can just see a red cherry on top.
 All the cookies from all the girls - ready to pop in their party bags to take home to show their families.