Monday, November 05, 2012

Zebra print inside the cake

As mentioned in a recent post, I had seen animal print effects inside cake and wanted to try it out.  And what better time than for family - they'd be more forgiving than a paying customer.  I had thought to do this as a surprise for Mini-2's birthday cake, because I was planning to cover it in white sugarpaste so the interior would be a surprise when the cake was cut.  
I had bought myself the newest Lorraine Pascal book, after watching and enjoying some of her tv series, and she had a recipe for the zebra print in there.  Hers was for vanilla and chocolate, and a larger cake tin than I had planned to use, so I ended up using my normal sponge mix and colouring half of it purple (well, I don't have black food colouring and that was Mini-2's preferred colour from a limited list of options). 
So here's how it goes.  You put a scoop of one colour into the tin, then directly on top you place the other colour.  There's no need to worry about exact placement because the second and subsequent scoops of mix displace the initial scoop so that it squashes outwards to fill the tin, as above.
Here you can see how I've scientifically scooped correct amounts each time, ha ha.  Looks good though, doesn't it?  However I came upon a slight problem - my mix wasn't scooped in large enough amounts, so that I didn't end up with perfect lines because of this.  I would probably need to double the amount of mix in each scoop to ensure that I stopped scooping when it looked like above, not had to continue to use up all the mix.
But the overall effect was pretty good for a first go, we thought.  Do you like it too?