Saturday, December 08, 2012

Happy rainbow birthday

A new friend of mine ordered something for her wedding anniversary, after reading about it here on this blog.  Then she said she fancied trying our fabulous-looking, delicious-tasting rainbow cake, after seeing it featured on here.  This made us both happy, her because she planned to surprise her middle child with the cake, and me because I got the chance to make it again.  Luckily, I had no other orders due on the same day, as this is a time-consuming cake.  I make up the batter, then separate and dye each layer's worth before baking it up in the coloured layers.
Then all over again, with a wash in between, as I don't have space to store enough of the same size of cake pan to have to do the job only once.  Nor is my oven big enough for that task.  The keener eyed of those among you may note that there are only 6 coloured tins of batter visible here.  Yes. That's correct.  Six is enough (ooh, that reminds me of a quite old, and probably now very dated, tv show from America called Eight is Enough, about a family with 6 kids.  Don't recall anything else about it, particularly, but there you go. That's how my mind works sometimes).
Anyway, as with the other times I've made this cake, I really like the look of it all white on the outside and then the beautiful surprise of the cutting.  But because this was for a young girl's 6th birthday, I fancied doing some pretty coloured butterflies fluttering around her cake, just to give a hint to the colourful interior.  I have edible glitter in a variety of shades, so was able to match the yellow, orange and red butterflies and make them sparkle.

I was sent an image of the interior by the happy parents, and am pleased with the intensity of colour.  
They were pleased with the whole thing - glittery butterflies, huge white cake and multi-coloured interior, and surprised me with this lovely thank you card and box of chocolates - wow guys, thank you so much.  It was not at all necessary, but very much appreciated.  Happy 6th Birthday Jessica!!