Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My first models

At the end of either of the two afore-mentioned practice sessions, we tried our hand at making models.  Despite buying myself a book, I hadn't yet tried making any of the models featured within.  Partly because I was scared of how poor they may be, but also because on the nights I don't have a cake to bake and decorate or prepare for, I like to lounge around and relax, watching tv or reading a book - or sometimes both.  Then there are those nights when I need to do the ironing, or business admin, or upload family photos from whatever we happen to have done recently, and so on...  In short, not work.
So I had been kinda lazy.  And then they said we'd try making penguins, because they were sort of Christmas-sy, and easy.  Uh, ok.  
And actually, it was fun.  Slightly tricky, but not awfully so.  We made them completely by hand, with  no tools at all for assistance, so we'd know how to do it for future reference.  I didn't get the pupils of my eyes in quite the right position, but hey, he looks fun, right?
 Here's the full gang's array - super cute huh?!
Then we tried Christmas trees, again because they were supposed to be easy.  Uh, yeah - if you have years of experience and tiny little pointy scissors.  And a steady hand.  The first photo is my mentors, the latter mine.  Can you see the difference?  Really?  Go on, you can, right?  Ha ha