Monday, December 10, 2012

What looks like a Christmas pudding but isn't?

Another meeting, another cake style.  This time it was a Christmas pudding cake, and again, I hadn't wanted to learn specifically for the design of cake but rather the skills involved.  She'd suggested an igloo cake (also somewhat Christmas-sy) but I felt this sort would help me better understand the creativity that could be shown in a bowl cake.  
I haven't baked a cake this shape yet either, so was happy to practice how to cover this one too (like the present cake, it was a simply sponge cake, layered with jam and buttercream).  Then in different coloured sugarpaste, we hand-cut the 'custard' spilling down.  Likewise the holly and berries, decorated to our tastes and just for fun.  The 'raisins' were done by painting onto the surface with brown food dye, ingenious!
Et voila, the cake that looks like a fruity Christmas pudding, but isn't!