Monday, December 24, 2012

Truffle-style balls for Santa

Last year we made a wee treat for Santa, to go with his cheese and chutney sandwich (well, everyone else leaves out mince pies, and we thought he might fancy something different).  We decorated them with red glitter and sugar, and had lots of fun.  So this year, we did likewise using a recipe from Morrison's supermarket magazine (really sorry but I can't find the link for the recipe at all I'm afraid.  And I didn't keep it because I didn't like it much.  Serves me right for not keeping up to date with the blogging, if I was doing htis post in December I would have probably still had the recipe lying about somewhere for you) and decorated them with line sprinkles - I didn't like the taste much, but The Team did!  As did Santa  ;)

Despite their best efforts, the sprinkles didn't stick all the way around the balls - do you know why?  Is it just bad luck?  Not a big deal, as you can see they quite enjoyed cleaning up at the end.