Saturday, July 27, 2013

New baby? No problem

I recently bought the cutest little sugarpaste cutters in baby designs, so was thrilled to get a baby shower order.  It was to be girly, but not too pink, and just to say 'Welcome Baby'.  I wanted to try out a new recipe, and went for Nutella cupcakes.  They had Nutella in the sponge, a scooped out section with pure Nutella in the middle, and finally Nutella wound through the rich buttercream icing.  Mmm... chocolate hazelnut overload!
I like that Disney Princess wallpaper - we at Becca Towers fully believe in fairy tales, and doesn't every little girl secretly want to be a princess?
I'm still working on the polka dots.  They went slightly elongated when I rolled them out again.  Do you know how to prevent this?  Please do tell.
Here's a closer look at the supercute baby bottle shape.  There were a few extra cupcakes in the batch, so I made this one especially for a good friend who'd recently had her first baby.  We particularly like the name she chose, as The Team have been watching the Disney Channel's latest hit movie, Teen Beach Movie, and the star is a girl called - you guessed it - Layla.  Although they spell it a little strangely, as Lela.
 Next up is the rocking horse, perfect for wee Ruby.
And finally we have the onesie/babygro shape.  And although everyone thought this was for me, it wasn't! Crazy I know, but there are other women out there who think Rebecca is a marvellous name  ;)
Congratulations to everyone, Prince William and Princess Catherine of the UK, who has just had a baby.  All together now, awwww....