Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chocolate chunk cookies

All-American chocolate chunk cookies
We're visiting a friend tomorrow morning whom we've not seen at home for a wee while, and she has a new cookery book to show me, from Pop Bakery.  So I felt it only right to bake something to bring along for us to nibble while the kids play - hence the cookies.  I'm also having a different friend over while our youngest kids are at nursery/kindergarten in the afternoon and we'll need something sweet to nibble with our coffee... hence the need for lots of food at once.  I made the cookies smaller than the recipe suggests,
and thus got 4 dozen rather than only 1.  But they must be mighty large cookies to make only 12!!  Last time I made 24 and this time they don't seem that much smaller...  But they'll go a lot further, as I'm sure the mini's will want some for morning tea or after-lunch treats, or even breakfast - knowing their genetically inherited love of chocolate.