Sunday, July 05, 2020

I've been baking for years, and the council approve

I've noticed a lot of new home bakeries have opened up locally over this Covid-19 lockdown period.  You've probably seen them on Facebook too, offering delicious looking cupcakes, celebrations cakes, cheesecakes and cookies, sometimes with prices that are really good.  But do you know what you're buying, really?  Does the baker know about food hygiene and safety?  Has their business been registered with HMRC, and inspected and approved by the Environmental Health department of the local council?
When buying from us, an item such as this Rocky Road tray bake, you can rest assured that we are both registed and approved by the relevant bodies and have had all the necessary food hygiene and safety training, with certificates to prove it.  Plus we've been approved by the city council.  So you can enjoy your delicious looking and tasty treats and feel good :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Cupcakes for covid heroes

When Scotland went into lockdown on March 23 2020, who knew it would last over 100 days?  We had no idea who would play such an important role in keeping the country running, and keeping public services ticking over.  
So when I had the chance to bake, decorate and gift some thank you cupcakes to some of our local keyworkers, I was happy to be able to spread joy.  These were loved by the pharmacy team back in May, and the happy spring colours of the personalised toppers made me smile.  What do you think, do happy colours make the food taste better?

Sunday, March 01, 2020

Three best rated award

Best Cake makers in Dundee

What a treat it was to receive this information :) They tell me it's due to web information clarity, customer feedback and reviews received, so thank you all so much. If you've eaten one of our cakes or treats, feel free to leave us a review whereever you can, Facebook, Google or similar. Thank you. You can check out the listing here on the Three Best Rated site showing the analytics they used, and see our food hygiene pass here

Best Cake makers in Dundee

I'm still baking, just not blogging regularly

Hey everyone, long time no chat. I'm still here, and still baking as often as time allows.  But my job hours increased 3 or so years ago and I moved location 2 years ago, and that means less time for baking.  And the kids are growing at an alarming rate (actually, at the same rate as everyone else's children, it's just that the weeks and months seem to rush past in a blur of activity these days) and have multiple extra-curricular activities, and homework and social lives and well, you know how that season goes.

It's way faster to pop a quick photo and a few lines on Facebook than it is to write up a blog entry, so my page is up to date with the last few years activity - all neatly in albums for you to peruse at your leisure.

So thank you for your continued interest, it's very much appreciated.  Come see me over on Facebook if you have a moment, you know you want to see what I've been doing.