Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Officially recognised

I had a meeting, which became an inspection, yesterday from an Environmental Health Officer.  It was designed to talk over what was required of me to register as a food seller/business with the Trading Standards authority.  She gave me lots of relevant leaflets, and talked over what I had considered doing regarding setting up as a possible business.  She was happy with what I said, made a few suggestions, helped me complete the registration form et voila!  Becca Bakes is open for business.  eek!  I'm not yet sure how busy I shall become, nor how busy I want to be.  I'm slightly scared, as I imagine all new start-up businesses are, that no-one will want my goods.  Also, there's some lovely ladies already baking beautiful, tasty cakes in our fair city (I know, I've tasted their goods and met the ladies) so I don't know that there's room for another - we'll see.
She suggested some ideas for marketing and growing the business and said to go ahead now and accept any orders that may come in.  So I did, and am doing a birthday cake for collection tomorrow afternoon - woo hoo!  Thanks for believing in me Steph C, hope you and your friends love the cake.