Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is here...

Yellow-coloured sponge cake with yellow sparkle/red glitter
We had a lovely weekend with friends and today dawned brilliantly sunny.  Windy, sure, but gloriously sunny.  (I really really like the sunshine, can you tell?)  So here is last night's effort - a great big yellow coloured sponge cake, generously decorated with icing sugar, yellow sugar sparkles and red glitter, to welcome in the Spring.  Though from the photo it looks like I was too light-handed with the glitter, you can barely see it.  Sorry. A friend came over to play (with her kids) and have lunch, and this was dessert.  As were her home-made Hummingbird Bakery recipe chocolate chunk biscuits - yummy!  And she'd switched to using her new Cath Kidston beautiful floral Day Bag, such a lovely day for a lovely bag.  Totally makes you feel happy to be alive.