Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding, part 2

And here we have the interior of the 'spiderman'/Wedding cake.  It tasted great, and went down a storm with the friends (the kids especially thought it looked amazing, bless them). 
Part 2 of our Wedding theme involved mini cupcakes.  Lots of them.  After a conversation with a friend, Claire, who runs Baby Sensory classes in our fair city we agreed that I'd set up a table in her class with a selection of mini cupcakes (all vanilla with white and blue vanilla buttercream icing and delicately rose-flavoured red buttercream icing) , info and an honesty box and see how many sold.  So I  made about 90 to ensure there were enough to cover all the possible purchasers from both classes she was running on Wedding Day, and over half sold.  Woo hoo!  The rest got devoured by friends and family at a playdate, then by neighbours that evening.  Gosh that was a good feeling.  Claire made some very helpful suggestions, the best of which was that we could try doing this monthly and see how things went...
The cupcakes in their lovely tiered display stand