Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Australian recipe

No photo just yet, as the chocolate brownies have only just come out of the oven, literally.  My friend Charlotte gave me the Donna Hay - Chocolate cookbook for my birthday last year (or perhaps it was Christmas?).  I believe she's the Australian equivalent of our Nigella Lawson or perhaps Delia Smith.  I've made a few items already and they were deliciously chocolatey.  Then this morning, a local friend Jill gave me some butter that was short-dated and suggested I use it to make brownies while my youngest child was at nursery.  A reasonable suggestion, I thought, so I did it.
Because the recipe is Australian, it uses their measurements of cups not grams.  Luckily I have a lovely set of brightly coloured melamine/plastic measuring cups and spoons (from Lakeland, if you were wondering.  Although I've just checked, and they no longer stock them) which get rare use in our kitchen.  Though looking at the two sets together it would seem that we're missing a pink measuring cup - perhaps the 2/3rds one.  I'll need to check with Mr Becca later on.  British recipes use grams, and thus a set of scales.  American recipes are trickier yet, using a mix of ounces, grams, cups and sticks. 
The brownies came out done on top but soft inside, so here's hoping they're done...