Monday, May 23, 2011

Cranberry scones with orange glaze

We found a bag of dried cranberries that we'd forgotten about, so thought we would look for a cranberry recipe.  Then today dawned wet, cold and incredibly (in fact, dangerously) windy, so it seemed the perfect way to spend the morning after dropping mini-Becca #1 at school.  Though after she sees these photos and tastes the scones we made, she'll be upset at missing out the fun!  Here's mini-Becca #2 rolling out the dough after mixing the wet ingredients into a well made in the dry ingredients from our new Readers Digest Baking Bible cookbook.
And yes, that's her Santa's little helper apron she's chosen.  We rolled the dough out to the requisite size, then cut it into triangles and popped it in the oven.

Then glazed with fresh orange juice, zest and icing sugar moments after coming out of the oven.
Then ate some straight away.  Well, it was morning tea time!
Then it was time to clean up.  As I learnt when working for a large, multinational food corporation for a few years (a few years ago) you really need to 'clean as you go'.