Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Job interview

I got a phonecall today from a cafe in our fair city, who were looking to change the way the cafe ran and wanted to meet me, with a view to being their new supplier.  How very exciting!  As it happens, they needed to see me soon as they wanted to price things up with a possible order for this weekend.  I'd just delivered the birthday 'cake' for Lee, so had a pricelist and so forth handy.  Cue the meeting half an hour later and it was then time for the cafe to do the necessary number-crunching. 
True to his word, the owner called back later that afternoon but, unfortunately for us, it wasn't good news.  In order to make the profit they needed, he wanted me to almost halve my price - not gonna happen I'm afraid.  So we parted ways amicably and he said he'd keep me in mind.  Can't ask for fairer than that, and it was quite thrilling to get the call.  Go Team!!