Monday, June 27, 2011

Holy Communion order

I was thrilled to get an order a month or so ago for a girly Holy Communion.  The brief was pink and girly, with both mini cupcakes and a couple of traybakes.  I mentioned that I didn't have any cross cutters but could pipe some crosses on (didn't want to use silver balls after the creamcheese icing situation, just in case) and the mum said just go for it.  So here we have the finished product - cream iced ones with a sparkly pink cross piped on top and pink swirly iced ones with white butterflies, flowers or plain and all dusted with pink glitter.  Both the mum and daughter loved them!!  They also chose a pink glittered Malteser Slice and Rocky Road, which went down a treat I'm sure. 
It was the younger sister's 3rd birthday that day too, so the mum asked for a cupcake with either her name or initial and a number 3 if at all possible.  Here's what I did, a large orange butterfly, letter J and a heart with a sparkly purple piped 3 on it, all dusted in gold glitter - my 3 year old loved it, hope hers did too.