Friday, June 17, 2011

Mini marvels for toddler group

We go to a lovely toddler group each Friday  morning in a church hall in the West End of our fair city (have done for years, since mini-Becca #1 was nearly 1).  When it came up in conversation that I sometimes baked for sale, it was decided that I could bring in mini cupcakes and see how they went.  So today I did. 
I used our trusty Vanilla recipe, and tried a new one for the Chocolate ones this time.  It was less fiddlesome to do (hence the desire for a new recipe), and they tasted lovely.  However, it took 3 batches for me to almost get the oven temperature vs. length of baking time correct.  I had mini-Becca #2 and a good friend on hand to taste-test each batch, and had them compare the crispness of the surface to the softness of interior.  While they tried really hard, they declared that each cupcake tasted as delicious as the last.  And they were most impressed that they could take the paper cases off by themselves, the cake didn't stick to the cases.  All in all not a bad review, and you can't be fabulous without a little bit of effort, tee hee
Once the display was set up in my two (yes TK Maxx, my old employer, furnished me with another cupcake holder recently, oh the joys) special cupcake holders (available for hire, should you need to display some cupcakes at some point) with a simple, elegant white china cake stand to boot, it all looked like this...
And I'm very pleased to say that at the end of the selling frenzy, it all looked a lot less full.  Thanks so much to all the parents who bought, and those of you who picked up business cards!