Friday, June 10, 2011

Pale lemon coloured icing

Sparkly and pretty - that was the client's brief for her daughter's 1st birthday cakes.  One chocolate, one vanilla both double-layer and the rest was up to me.  Ooh, the pressure to be creative.  Could I do it??  I don't really think of myself as creative, but perhaps I'm getting better - what do you think? The top one is the chocolate cake, layered with vanilla buttercream icing.  The lower one is the vanilla sponge cake, layered with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream icing.  Mr Becca didn't realise that they were for the same customer, so at first couldn't understand why they looked so similar.  Silly boy!

Bit of an oddity but the chocolate cake didn't rise very well when I baked it yesterday afternoon.  Really scary, but luckily I'd started early enough that I had time to re-do it.  And phew, this time it worked beautifully.  So, for afternoon tea (after busy days at school and nursery), we all had some totally delicious surprise chocolate cake - the girls were not unhappy! tee hee  Once both cakes had cooked and cooled I made a double batch of icing so I could match the colour of both cakes, and was away.  Thanks to advice from a friend, I'd made the sugar shapes in advance, and it really was just like using playdough. 
The customer's mum has just collected the cakes and thinks they're great - woo hoo.