Sunday, July 17, 2011

Her favourite colour is pink

Our plan today was to try the Blueberry Cake from the first cookbook by the Hummingbird Bakery.  We had all the necessary ingredients, took them out from the fridge so they could get up to room temperature and away we went.  It needed 6 eggs, so we each added two (I did all the cracking, don't quite trust the girls with that job yet) and so on.  Daddy came in partway, to eat some chocolate wafers for a snack, and the girls lost interest in the cake at that point - ha, ha.  But they got interested again once I'd poured the mix in the tin and they got to lick the mixing bowl.  And when they saw this disaster...
Regrettably, things didn't improve much after nearly an hour.   The skewer came out clean, so I naturally assumed it was done.  It wasn't.  And worse still, we had wanted to take it with us on our visit to the great-gran and use it tomorrow for a friend's 5th birthday morning tea.
Still, I soldiered on and tried the Hummingbird's vanilla cupcake recipe but coloured the sponge pink.  Then topped it with some blue icing done not using a nozzle and made their own vanilla icing but in half quantity and coloured it apricot, and did use a nozzle.  Et voila, bonne anniversaire Monica (and no, she's not French, rather half Spanish).  So that should really say, feliz compleanos Monica!