Friday, July 15, 2011

We're back, and a little bit busy

Well, I don't know if you missed us, but we're back!  We were lucky enough to have a family (or is that Team?) holiday to sunny Mallorca, Spain for some r and r.  And sun/warmth, to be honest.  Living in east central Scotland we do know what sun is, and how it feels to be warm, but we don't get to experience it often enough.  So, we have to pay (and travel) for the privilege.  And I've got to say, it's always worth it.  The kids play in the pool daily, after us adults drag them about the interesting sights to see and make them eat 'weird' food - ah, bliss - ha ha. 

The Spanish sure know how to do good food, we loved the ensaimadas - pastries like a cinnamon danish but soft and filled with perhaps vanilla or chocolate creme, or even salami!  And the coffee, mmmmm every cafe and restaurant has a proper Gaggia-style coffee machine so we lived on cafe solo's as a daily treat (that's an espresso to you Italians, and a short black to the Aussies).  They were probably the best-priced item though, as the pound is quite poor and the Euro strong just now - shame...
As we adults only own simple mobiles, we came back to many nonsense emails, but two or three were of particular interest - orders.  I had one for collection today, for a party with the theme 'Dress like a celebrity'.  So I did red buttercream icing,(which didn't go quite red enough, so I added a swirl) with initials and a star in gold-glittered white sugarpaste, all sprinkled with more gold glitter.  These letters are kind of large, so I've ordered some smaller ones for any future needs (kid's birthday's spring to mind).