Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing

I've had a request for a mixed batch of cupcakes for a 14th birthday, so thought I'd better practice my chocolate ones.  Well, you know, I may have forgotten how to do them.  Or what they taste like.  Or how big they should be.  Or perhaps we just needed some chocolate in our lives...
Suffice it to say, they were as good as last time, and as fun to do.  This time I even did the chocolate buttercream icing for them, which - despite having cocoa rather than chocolate within it - tasted really chocolatey.  And the smell, mmmmmmm.

I had thought to take a couple to a friend who'd recently had twin baby boys, hence the preponderance of blue sugarpaste decorations.  As it turned out, it had been her birthday the day before, so it was a triple celebration!
Mr Becca had tried one, and deemed them 'good, but they're just cupcakes'.  Fair enough, then why was the cake tin empty when I went to get more a couple of days later??  Hmmm... ha ha