Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hummingbird Lemon Drizzle Loaf

We had a classmate of Mini-Becca 1's due after school to play, Demi, and I had finished my housework early (woop, woop) so I had a flick through the book to see what, if anything, I could whip up in the time I had available.  Lemon Drizzle Loaf cake fit the bill, so to bake.
Similar to the cupcake recipe from another cookbook I'm lucky enough to own, you had to make a dry and wet mix then add them into the mixer one third at a time.  It's a bit of a pfaff, but seems to do the trick, so I just follow instructions and do as I'm told, ha ha.  Then it was into the oven for up to 1hr 15minutes, which was all the time I had left. 
Just before the timer was due to go off (at 1hr 10mins, because my oven usually needs a bit less than any stated time) I started on the drizzle sauce.  This time, it worked a treat, and they gave the very sensible idea of placing the cake on the wire cooling rack over your sink, so the drizzle mix would run straight off the cake into the sink - inspired!  Then it was time to go get the girls from school and nursery, so I ran off and left the cake in the sink. 
As soon as we returned home, the girls asked 'What have you made, Mummy?  Something smells delicious' then went looking for it.  How funny, they never noticed it because it wasn't on the stove...  Suffice it to say that the cake got the thumbs up from the Team (although I feel it could do with a bit longer in the oven next time), and Demi and her mum - yay!!  They even took some home for later, and all that's left of the cake is this...