Monday, August 22, 2011

New product test - Angel Delight Ice Cream

We were thrilled recently to have been approached by Angel Delight to test out and blog about their latest product, Ice Cream.  Their PR lady, Tara, said she liked what she'd seen of us and wondered if we'd be interested in trying out some recipes with it.  Sheesh, asking a couple of young kids and their baking-mad Mum to eat ice-cream?  Doh, of course!!
Our 'bloggers box' arrived this morning, before school, and we opened it immediately.  What a great surprise for early Monday morning.
There were two packets of the product, so new it's not even in the shops yet, some toffee sauce, strawberry squeezy jam, Mr Kipling Viennese Whirl biscuits, giant chocolate buttons, Jelly Babies, 100's & 1000's, a whisk with which to mix and a bowl in which to freeze it.  Oh, and lots of fat bubble-wrap to pop!  Brilliant.
So we got started, with a blatant bit of product placement
You'll be relieved to know that no orange bowls were harmed (or used) in the making of this ice-cream.  We emptied some of the powder into a bowl, then mini-Becca #2 poured in the milk.  All by herself, without spilling any (can you tell?  she was quite proud).
We did start out with the kindly supplied hand-whisk (it was pink, after all) but soon switched to our trusty electric one.  Now, you're probably thinking - gosh, what amazing hair she has.  And while I totally agree with you, and your secret thought that it should be tied up while preparing food, it usually is.  Especially if there's a chance that someone outside Team Becca may eat the food.  And there simply wasn't a chance of us sharing this bounty, tee hee.
Then it was a case of more blatant advertising, and the addition of the crushed biscuits and lashings of squeezy jam to the mix.
And here we see the finished mix, all ready to be frozen.
Here's a (gratuitous hair) shot of my lovely assistant placing our precious cargo in the freezer.  For a minimum of 4 hours, so for us that meant after school. 
Thus, onto the washing up...
After-school snack time! 
Our Strawberry Shortcake ice-cream was a hit with the Quality Assessors we employ.  Even Mr Becca (otherwise known as Daddy) got a taste, and proclaimed it good. 
Personally I only eat premium ice-creams, like Ben & Jerry's or Green & Black's or Haagen-Dazs , as the high unit cost prohibits regular consumption (thus prohibiting my waistline expanding at an exponential rate). However, this stuff was loads of fun to make, and it's so easy to add your own twist to it, that I fear my waistline may be in for some serious damage!

These last two photos are the next mini-batch ready for the freezer.  Toffee sauce and crushed chocolate buttons with Coco Pops on top.  We're calling it Toffee Crisp,  but may also call it breakfast...

Nah, just kidding