Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blue is for boys

I was asked to do a blue cake for a boy's upcoming 5th birthday, and had been unhappy with previous shades of blue buttercream icing I'd managed to achieve.  After some discussion with other bakers, we determined it was probably the case that my constituent butter was too yellow, thus turning the blue somewhat green-ish.  I was also using liquid colour, rather than paste, and wondered if this too may have had an effect. So I bought lighter coloured butter and Navy Sugarflair colour paste and thought I'd test it out on a sponge cake, in case the birthday boy wanted an actual blue cake as well as blue icing. 
I was also trying out a new sponge recipe that had been heartily recommended by the other bakers, and needed to know how long it took in my oven etc.  I did it in two halves, rather than the tall cake tin and was amazed to discover that my two 8" round cake tins aren't the same size, eek.  Looks like a trip to Lakeland is on the cards... (mind you, that'll explain why my birthday cake was wonky, ha ha)
Anyway, suffice it to say that it worked well and I filled the two cakes with some new blueberry fruit spread/jam and some icing then slightly iced the top with the remaining icing.  My plan had been to store the cake and taste it every day to see how well it lasted and how long too.  However, due to the incredible height of it, it barely fit into my container!  And ended up tasting good but of too much cake and not enough filling.  
My friend Tanya wanted to try some, so popped by the next day and gave this review on Facebook  'I have died and gone to heaven!!!! Oh no I haven't I have just eaten a piece of the scrumptious blue sponge cake, and the surprise was the blackcurrant jam in middle...... Total heaven thank u for letting us sample it, well recommended 20/10 xxx' 
The finished cake doesn't look like much I know - please keep following us though, I promise we'll try harder next time.