Monday, September 19, 2011

Cupcakes galore - mini & Cookies & Creme

A local friend, who has been the lucky recipient of many spare cupcakes and cake slices in the past, trusted us enough to bake a couple dozen mini cupcakes for her grandson's 1st birthday.  Her only request was plain sponge and baby blue icing. 
As I have the cute little letter and number cutters, I felt it only right to use them.  And here we have the finished product, with my beloved glitter on the unadorned cakes - silver this time.  She told me the birthday boy grabbed a cupcake as soon as he saw them, and that the rest of them went down quickly too.  Great news, just what we love to hear - happy customers.

Then we had another order for collection tomorrow - two gift-boxes of half dozen Cookies & Creme cupcakes.  The lady chose them because she'd seen the photo of the ones we'd done last week, now that's a first.  She decided to get a box for her hubby's birthday and a box for her staff - what a lovely wife and boss, awww...  Hope they all love them, thanks for thinking of us.