Thursday, September 01, 2011

Becca Bakes to the rescue

We were lucky enough to receive an email request recently for 14th birthday cupcakes.  The mum in question can bake (as can the daughter), but the daughter now doesn't go to bed until later on, so there's no spare time in which to do so in secret.  Becca Bakes to the rescue!!
The brief was half vanilla, half choc and bright colours and sparkle.  Not a problem I confidently replied.  Hah, that would've been true normally but for some reason the chocolate cupcakes didn't work out so well this time.
Hopefully, they look okay here - I tried to redeem them, but it's just for our delectation (and a couple for Sam so she could try what she'd initially wanted - she said they tasted great, as did her youngest daughter).  Luckily the vanilla ones worked a treat, and here are a few of my favourite plus a shot of the full batch.  Sam was delighted when she came to collect them.  Lucy will see them after school - happy birthday, hope you love them!
Vanilla icing coloured pale yellow, with neon orange glitter
A close-up of the above...
White vanilla icing, purple glitter and gold tinted 14
Chocolate icing, gold glitter and gold sparkly tinted butterfly - lovely, right?
The whole selection...