Sunday, September 04, 2011

Hummingbird Bakery frosted brownies

We had a surfeit of eggs, so after giving The Team sunny-side-up eggs for dinner, I was looking through the book for recipes requiring many eggs and recalled that in most cases, brownies need eggs.  The Traditional variety only needed 3, so I turned the page and learnt that the Frosted variety required 5 - score!
It was rather easy to make up the mix, and we added white chocolate chunks rather than dark (Mr Becca likes his desserts sweet, and finds dark chocolate too bitter) and crushed hazelnuts because we didn't have walnuts.  A mere 30-odd minutes later and we had a sizzling and wobbly tray of brownies. 
As yet, they are unfrosted but Mr Becca has tried some and declared them not sweet enough (what?!) so I shall frost them soon.
Mini-Becca 2 helped make frosting by helping weigh the icing sugar and cocoa and by sifting it.  Then by 'washing up' while I used our beloved Kenwood Mixer to do the business to the ingredients.  And the result - OMG, it is even more delicious than before!