Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mr Becca comes home

Mr Becca is fast developing his own following on our Facebook page, and I've set him up with his own album.  As he loves to spend a Friday evening listening to the banging tunes courtesy of Judge Jules or Annie Mac on Radio 1, or downloaded podcasts on his iPod (often by internationally-renowned DJ Pier, yep that's right - this lovely man is Mr Becca's brother), I've titled the album Last Friday night.  He only cooks savoury food, and has a passion for Asian foods from scratch, especially since our months in India back in 2004.  He can quite easily spend 20 minutes with his mortar and pestle, crushing the required spices into the right consistency to make the sauce or whatever.  He has quite a collection of cookbooks and varies between Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and many Italian and mediterranean dishes.  His family background is Italian, and we have travelled in our youth, so he's always looking to recreate some of the flavour that we don't find locally. 
His current faves are Jamie Oliver and Thomasina Miers and on his recent mid-week trip to London to see his family he made sure to visit their restaurants.  And also to check out a shop he found recommended in the back of his latest favourite cookbook, Mexican Food made simple, by Thomasina Miers, Casa Mexico.  Where he bought some smoky-smelling Chipotle chillies, some fat and odd-looking Poblano chillies and similar oddities for himself and for me, he chose some fabulous pieces of useful kitchen stuff - a teatowel and potholder.  The fact that he prefers to use a potholder, and I prefer an oven mitt, didn't escape him ;)
Then he bought a fabulous, fun gift, ostensibly for Mini-1 but actually for me (she graciously agreed to let me use it on her behalf). 
I know, I'm a sucker but I love the London Underground iconic tube map.  Last time he was down there visiting, he brought me back a tube map tea towel.  And years ago when we lived in London I had a mobile phone fascia for my old Nokia in the same design and I loved it!