Monday, September 12, 2011

National Cupcake Week, UK

Well will you look at that?  We have a National Cupcake Week.  A bit of nonsense, really, but fun nonetheless.  Thus I made Cookies & Creme cupcakes today, while the girls were off being educated. 
I got to bash out my frustrations on poor, defenceless Oreo cookies then added more than the recipe suggested to the batter - the last time they simply didn't have enough cookie in them we thought.
Looks like a lot, right?
(a gratuitous shot of the lovely 'messy' biscuits, mmmm)
I also felt that I wanted more cookie, so crushed up more cookie to add into the vanilla buttercream icing.  Here's a wee before and after shot...

I used a wide plain nozzle to pipe on the icing, trying to emulate Georgetown Cupcake 's signature swirl.  But I didn't allow for some of the cookie crumbs to be larger than the nozzle aperture.  So some of the swirls simply weren't as tidy as I would have liked.

Still they tasted amazing, so that's the main thing - right?