Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Becca bakes bread

I know, shock horror - trying something savoury!  Well, to be fair it was from a packet.  I had chosen it a while ago because it sounded really tasty, Multigrain Bread Mix (I'm easily pleased really, aren't I?).  And this week at the supermarket we'd chosen fancy, rather than granary square/normal bread, so it'd been devoured rather quickly by The Team at Becca Towers.  Which meant we'd need more bread to last us the week until we next visited the supermarket...  Becca to the rescue!
Although the girls wanted to help with bread-making, by the time the dough needed to prove twice and so forth, it was going to be way past their bedtime, so I just showed them this photo and they were glad not to have been involved, ha ha.  Boy, what a mess!  Luckily it all worked out well in the end, and after waiting a mere 5 minutes for the completed loaf to cool, I cut myself a thick slice, slathered it in butter and tucked in.  Mmmmm, heaven!!  (a second slice soon followed)
I'm pleased to say that it lasted well in a cake tin for about 6 days, and was still soft and tasty on the last day.  By which time we'd been to the supermarket again...