Tuesday, October 18, 2011

National Baking Week UK

No sooner has National Chocolate Week finished, than National Baking Week starts.  Come on, guys - do we need help to get into the kitchen?

In honour, I started with a refridgerator Mars Bar Slice and dusted it with neon orange and graphite grey/blue glitter, as Halloween is the next upcoming holiday.  Here's a full-frontal shot, with the little pots of gorgeous glitter...
And a sexy interiors shot...
Mr Becca likes banoffee and had bought the ingredients to make the recipe on the back of the pack of dried banana chips.  It wasn't hard, just crush up the digestive biscuits and some banana chips and mix with melted butter.  Press into the base of a 20cm tin and cool in fridge.  Then whip up mascarpone cheese, banana yoghurt and some icing sugar for one layer and melt brown sugar and butter with condensed milk for the other.  Finally decorate with choc-dipped dried banana chips (you'll note that I didn't choc-coat the chips...).  So I made it for him just now, but he says he's not hungry.  Grrrr
Bananas are my least favourite fruit, so here's hoping he tucks in soon!

P.S. I took it to a friend's for lunch the next day and they all loved it, but felt it would have been better with fresh rather than dried banana, so you wouldn't have that crunch on top.  Mr Becca had some this evening and pronounced it good - yay!!