Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Too many eggs = Fritatta or Brownie?

Ah, it's that time again - too many eggs in the fridge.  While I'd love to make a fritatta for the whole family to eat, I'm kidding myself if I think the kids will eat enough to make it worth my while.  So Brownies it is.  I'm going to try the Hummingbird Frosted Brownies again, because they need 5 eggs.  The last time, you may recall, they were absolutely divine to eat but not solid enough in the middle.  So this time, I baked them for a few moments longer, then another 5 minutes longer than that at 10c lower a temperature in the oven.  I didn't want to frost this time, as it's for us and we really don't need the extra calories. And instead of finely chopping 30g of dark chocolate within, this time I sprinkled 50g of dark chocolate chips across the top. You can sort of see them below, as little dimples.   Et voila!
Ok, ok, I admit that I'm not a great food stylist, and I'm happy to accept all constructive criticism you pass my way - but I bake a darn tasty Brownie, yum yum!