Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mr Becca's a handy man

Mr Becca and I have been together a long time.  A Very Long Time.  And he believes, wrongly I feel, that I'm a hoarder.  So every now and then he gets in a fit of pique and gets on his high horse about me and my crap, as he calls it.
This time, he decided to build an extra shelf in our cupboard - how kind!  So here we have a before photo of where all my cake-related goodies were stored...
Fairly neatly stacked on top of one another, next to Mexican bowls, mobile phone chargers and other, really important bits and pieces.  Then he got out the big boy toys...
And really not long afterwards, we had this nice pile of stacked neatness.  He really is one of the Good Guys, isn't he?!

Hmmm, when seen like this, one may get the impression that Becca Bakes is sponsored by Dr Oetker products.  This is not the case, while they are good, they just happened to be available at a good price - always one for a bargain, ha ha.