Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas cupcakes, anyone?

My offer had been to do Vanilla and Red Velvet for Christmas - because I had thought it would look nice, but unfortunately I had a lot of trouble tracking down one particular odd ingredient for the Red's.  Who'da thought it'd be such a bother?  We went to 6 stores in the end, with the kids being really quite good and patient while we searched for this elusive ingredient - but no luck.
I had been in touch with the customers by email or Facebook message only - I hadn't thought to take a phone number.  So I quickly messaged them with the problem, to check if all Vanilla would be ok.  Some got in touch faster than others, so I just bit the bullet and did them all Vanilla.

And boxed up some, ready to go...

Here's hoping they love them, and of course - Merry Christmas 2011