Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy giant birthday Laura

A friend of a friend saw our photos on our Facebook page and like them so much, she requested a giant cupcake for her daughter's birthday.  The only requirement?  Pink! 
Using the last blue and white one as a guide, I again rolled out fondant to cover the base and used it to make the disc at the front, so they matched.  Her name was Laura, so I got to use my new embossing set to do the disc.  I wanted to do pink icing on the top half, so planned to use white for the decorations - sprayed with gold lustre to make them stand out more. 
I was quite pleased with this one, as I managed to make the rose swirls smaller and tighter, and thus fit 2 rows all the way around.  I delivered it earlier this morning, and the client was thrilled.  Some of her colleagues had waited around to see it too, and were also impressed  So pleased.  Then I got a comment on the Facebook page photo to say that not only did the birthday girl love it, it tasted great too - yippee!