Friday, January 13, 2012

7th birthday number 1, for K

The brief for this cake was round, green, blue, stripes.  That's it.  Oh, and it had to be vanilla flavoured (none of that chocolate nonsense) with berry jam and a letter K in stripes in the middle.  Sheesh, talk about strict instructions...
As I knew this particular customer didn't much like cake (was getting bored of it, can you believe?!), I tried out my new 6" tin, still placing the cake on a 10" board.  Which allowed me to try out my new embossing alphabet set, and floral embossing mat - both from Purple Cupcakes.  (I don't get paid for endorsing the company, rather I'm sharing my knowledge).  I also need to share with you that this cake wasn't wholly my idea - a new cake friend, Chelsea over in the good ole US of A did it waaaaay better (check out her Facebook page and see the Rockstar cake) and let me borrow her ideas - thanks C!!
And was the recipient pleased with my interpretation of the brief?  Too right mate! She loved it, and even more so when she saw the bright orange interior with its layer of red strawberry jam - job  well done!